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Tea plants

Did you know that when you drink tea, you are actually drinking Camellia?

Yes, tea is a Camellia! Not quite the same one that has been in your garden for a long time, but speficially, the"Camellia sinensis".

Originally from southern China, it is cultivated today in all of Southeast Asia and even in other latitudes. The dried young shoots will become green tea, and if fermented they will become black tea.

It can be kept in its pot or planted in the ground, in the cool shade of a shelter or a tree.


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Branche sinensis.png

Family : Théaceae

Exposure : partial shade, sun.

Hardiness : down to -12 °.

Foliage : evergreen.

Bloom : white, fragrant, from November to February.

Use: isolated, bedding, pot, group, free or trimmed hedge.

Soil pH : neutral to acid.

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